General Rental Information Overview

Upon moving in, you will receive an email granting access to your online Resident Portal. With our online resident site, you can pay rent online and view your payment history, set up automatic monthly payments, submit maintenance requests for your rental home, and much more!

Online payments may be made with checking or savings account, debit, and credit card payments. Please note that payments made using your bank’s routing and account information are charged a $2.00 processing fee. Payments made with credit or debit are charged a 3% processing fee plus $2.00. We also accept electronic payments via Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal. Other payment methods include personal check, cashier checks, and money orders. Payments can be mailed or deposited at our secure mail slot located at 700 Brookstone Center Parkway STE 300 Columbus, GA 31904. The mail slot is located in the front door of the building.

We will conduct quarterly property inspections for preventative maintenance purposes. These visits are planned in advance. When we are ready to conduct the inspection, you will be contacted at least 5 days in advance to arrange a time that will work best for you.

Interior Rental Home Items

Locks should not be changed on the property without our consent. If you would like your locks to be changed out on the property, please contact us so that it can be scheduled. A charge for replacing the locks will be billed to you.

Please remember to change AC filters once per month. If you have pets, changing these filters twice a month will help decrease build-up off pet dander/hair in the return. Filters should be replaced consistently and through all seasons. Vent covers should be kept clear and free from furniture or others items which would block the air flow.

Exterior Rental Home Items

Do not park on grass. Should you utilize the grass area during loading and unloading purposes, please note that any damages caused will be charged to your account.

The exterior of the home should be kept in a neat and orderly manner. Flower beds should be pruned and weeded to keep an attractive curb appeal. Satellite dishes may not be attached to the roof. They must be placed on a free-standing pole, and be positioned on the side of the home or exterior. For curb appeal, the dish should not be installed in the front of the home.

Lastly, Tenant cannot make any additional alterations without prior approval from Owner/Management Company. This includes, but does not limit, to painting in the home. In some cases, approved alterations and upgrades must remain in the home at move out.

Along with your enclosed copy of the lease, we have included a Move-In Inspection Sheet. Please take time to complete this during your move-in and return back to us. This will be placed in your file and referenced at move-out. For your convenience, pictures of the unit prior to move-in have been taken and added to the file.
Remember: You must give us a 60-day notice of your intent to move to be in compliance with your lease agreement.

Thank you once again for selecting Chattahoochee Dwellings Property Management! We look forward to having you as a tenant. Welcome Home!